Project logistics services cover almost everything related to a specific investment project, including delivery of goods via different modes of transport, consultation and planning of transport routes. Project logistics has a clear time frame and sequence to help you build airports, factories, nuclear reactors and other large industrial iteam. With business centers worldwide and a huge network of project partners, you get all services from a single source. Whether these services include inland waterway, coastal or deep-sea transportation, project supply chain, heavy cargo transshipment, or oversized or oversized cargo, CIS Cargo engineers support technical knowledge and logistics planning for sensitive products. construction, oil, gas or wind energy.

CIS Cargo’s Project Logistics provides one-stop solutions for all projects related to energy, foreign trade, wind power construction, materials, metals and steel. We will provide a complete package from the heaviest to the smallest: disassembly and assembly of hazardous materials at the construction site, shipping to the port, semi-assembled storage, shipping by sea and shipping back to the port (using mobile heavy-duty transport cranes); Transport and go to the final destination to the point. We handle everything from supply contracts to customs clearance with the best and most suitable products in mind throughout the supply chain.


1. Individual Logistics and Transportation Solutions 

2. Air, land and sea transportation 

3. Carriage of bulk, ro-ro, large and delicate cargoes, partial and full charter 

4. Unloading and barge service 

5. Packing, Packing and Inventory Services 

6. Path surveying, structure-geometry studies; 

7. Delivery and unloading to the workshop

 8. Installation and installation work on the foundation 

9. Rental and management of cranes, forklifts and special lifting devices 

10. Advisory services on customs procedures and strategies