Cold chain logistics is the transportation of temperature-controlled packages, including fresh fruits and vegetables, beverages, and biomedical equipment. For companies that design or build similar products, getting the product to the end consumer is only half the battle. It is often costly to ship goods in the desired condition. We understand that it takes a lot of effort and careful handling to provide you with a high-quality product that is healthy and has a long shelf life, especially if fresh fruits and vegetables are wasted.

Our priority is to offer you premium refrigerators with the latest technology. Ensure the integrity of the cold chain. Companies that supply temperature-sensitive products trust CIS Cargo because our services meet the specific requirements of a variety of complex types of operations, from technology to medicine, from food to aviation. Whether you move or store temperature-sensitive products, we ensure their end-to-end integrity throughout the cold chain. While temperature control equipment and racks are changing the way some perishable foods are stored and shipped, creating new opportunities for retailers, some sensitive items require special attention.

Cold chain transport storage technology:

  1. Refrigerators – special trucks or containers with active cooling due to batteries or other types of refrigeration equipment that can be used to transport bulk cargo by road, rail, or sea. 

  1. Air Freight Containers – Containers are designed to meet the restrictions and compliance requirements for air freight and are typically used to transport small, urgent cold-chain shipments. 

  1. Ice Lined Refrigerators (ILRs) – large isothermal vessels lined with refrigerant; Passive cooling using cooling water to keep the temperature low.

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